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It is almost impossible to pre-determine the next major violent event. Unless you are part of a government organization tasked with tracking and reducing crime, you may suddenly and unexpectedly find yourself in a dangerous situation that requires you to react to save yourself or those around you. No type of organization is exempt from violence, nor the responsibility to protect their employees. I will teach you and your team how to be prepared and how to respond.

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Certified Instructor - Adam Bryant

Knowing how to safely handle and operate a firearm puts you in the drivers seat. It takes something unfamiliar and makes it enjoyable.

Adam is listed as an Enhanced Permit Certified Firearm Instructor with the Mississippi Department of Public Safety and Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security. After carrying concealed and enjoying the shooting sport for years, Adam decided to teach others how to properly carry firearms and stay within the legal boundaries of local, state, and federal laws. Adam teaches multiple firearm classes, but specializes in active shooter responses for schools, businesses, and churches. He has multiple certifications through the NRA, USCCA, and ALiCE.

Customized classes for small and large groups

Contact us today for information about group or individual training for your school, business, team, or church security personnel. Don’t let your organization become the next statistic. Do your part. Download and print this flyer and take it to your superintendent, manager, pastor, or team leader.


Specializing In:

Active Shooter Response

A tailored response to an active shooter for your place of learning, business, or worship.

Advanced Skills

So, you have your Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapon permit. Now what?

Ladies Only Courses

Confidence is the #1 deterrent to attackers looking for an easy target.

Legal Refresher Video

Do you know the legal responsibilities of carrying a concealed firearm?



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